Slovak singer and songwriter Vanda has been composing since the age of 12 and today is the author of more than 200 songs and their lyrics.Vanda's songwriting was greatly influenced by her life in USA and Argentina and the artist's passion for travelling. No matter where she goes, her music is always with her, which led to international collaborations with other singers, musicians and producers (Colombia, Mexico, Finland, USA).

The creative ideas, emotional vocals and strong melodies combined in her music take you on a constant ride through different styles in the pop genre. Vanda's discography includes self-titled 5 track EP (2010), full-track album debut Astrology (2012) and the newest release Introspective (2015) which unravels the inner side of her personality.

The main theme is the loss of faith and reconnecting with the artist's self through this important milestone. For the first time, her work also includes tracks composed in Spanish.

Nowadays, Vanda is living in rotation between Europe (Slovakia) and Latin America (Argentina) promoting her actual album Introspective and working on new material for the upcoming release "Valor" which is going to be fully written in Spanish language. The album is expected to be released in 2017 and the first single "Valor" marks a new era in the artists' career by giving it a different sound - rhythmical and modern - thanks to the collaboration with the Little Beat studio team.