Invisible Girl



The artist’s fourth studio album is a conceptual work with songs in 3 languages ​​- Spanish, English and Slovak – in which the listener enters a dreamlike realm cohabited by 4 characters, in essence all alter egos of the artist herself. The Pilgrim, the Queen of the Forest, Human and Invisible Girl are the protagonists that take you on a journey throughout their worlds, their tastes, their characteristics, their costumes, their songs and even their colors. Musically speaking, the tracks are inspired by cinematographic sounds and 90s pop/rock.

Despegar opens the first chapter of the saga, where Vanda acts as The Pilgrim, a cheerful character with an air of positivism that reminds us of the importance of self-love. The second release, A ja taká čárna, is performed by the mysterious Queen of the Forest. This traditional Slovak song is submerged in a dark, sophisticated music production where the folklore from the singer’s native country is interestingly combined with a modern beat. In the third single Make it go, the fragile and sad Human opens up, displaying her deep pain to anyone who would care to listen. Desperately searching for love outside of herself, she finally realises that she is the only one who can save herself. To complete the squad, here comes the Invisible Girl with her superpower to appear and disappear when she sees fit, needing nothing from no one to feel happy, fulfilled and capable. This empowered female rocker shows us a tremendous amount of independence, determination and inner strength to navigate through life in the title track, Invisible Girl.

Each heroine dwells upon one or more songs and invites the spectator to discover all the facets of the singer-songwriter through meticulously elaborated videoclips with an impeccable level of production and photography. 

Artist: Vanda
Release Date: November 05, 2021
Genres: Electronic, Pop, Rock