Universo Desechable



Vanda and Enfermera (a glam-pop duo from Buenos Aires) join forces to present Universo Desechable ( in English “Disposable Universe»), a song that comes to us as humanity at a time when the planet Earth is begging us to change our poor habits. This collaboration of both artists was born as an invitation to reflect on a society that values profit instead of sustainability and expresses hope for a new and better horizon. «What will remain of me when my flesh is gone? I need to wake up from a disposable dream. We are the owners of this mistake and industrial gods…we created a disposable universe» – a part of the manifesto that forms the lyrics of this electro-pop song. The cover art for the single was made by the collagist Marcia Orihuela, an analog piece of art inspired by the song taken to the digital world. The song was produced by Enfermera (Tomi Quagliardi & Juani Gallo), mixed by Cristian Giunta and mastered by Ramiro Genevois.

Artist: Vanda
Release Date: September 03, 2021
Genres: Electronic, Pop, Rock