About the artist


 VANDA is a Slovak pop singer-songwriter with a fresh, modern profile that authentically conveys her strong personality. From an early age she has been linked to music and her composition was influenced by her life in Slovakia, the United States and Argentina, where she currently resides. Her set consists of songs in Spanish, English and Slovak of her own authorship and reversions of well known international artists, performed with her emotional voice and unique style. At the same time, she is a vocal and songwriting coach. 

Vanda has participated in various shows and festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, England, Finland, Mexico and in Argentina, opening shows for bands in the Buenos Aires scene and in the City of Santa Fe performing in important events and festivals, accompanied by talented local musicians with a long musical career.

Vanda’s discography includes a 5-song EP (2010) that bears her name, the debut Astrology (2012), Introspective (2015), Valor (2017), and in 2019/2020 she released a series of singles 7 Lunas, El Fantasma and Humana/Human.

In her newest record “Invisible Girl” (April 2022), the listener enters a dreamlike realm cohabited by 4 characters, which, in essence, are all alter egos of the artist herself. The Pilgrim, The Queen of the Forest, Human and The Invisible Girl are the protagonists that take you on a journey through their worlds, their tastes, characteristics, costumes, their songs and even their colors. Musically speaking, the tracks are inspired by cinematographic sounds and 90s pop/rock.

Vanda uses her art to deal with issues she identifies with and considers very important. In “Human” she opens up about her anxiety and depression disorders. The music video for the song received the award for “Best Video” at the 2020 Pocket Awards. In 2021 she combined forces with the Buenos Aires pop band “Enfermera” and released the single “Universo Desechable”, which invites us to reflect as humanity upon the need to change our unsustainable habits and take action in caring of the planet.

Closing off the year 2021, the “santafesina by adoption” won the Radio Mega 98.3 Santa Fe “Golden Mega” award for best artist, in addition to being voted as the favorite artist of the “Megatris Rock” program.

Based in: Santa Fe, Argentina