About the artist


Vanda Krai is a Slovak singer and songwriter who has taken the international scene by storm with her fresh and authentic approach to pop music, intertwined with other styles such as rock, electronic and folk. From an early age, Vanda’s connection to music was very strong, and her songwriting was influenced by her life in Slovakia, the United States and Argentina. Furthermore, the unforgettable moments experienced in Mexico, where she actively tours, have also left their mark on her art.

Vanda Krai’s performances have taken place at various shows and festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, England, Finland, Mexico and Argentina. Her repertoire includes songs in Spanish, English and Slovak, all of her own authorship, as well as reinterpretations of other international artists, demonstrating her emotive voice and unique style. As a true 90s fan, Vanda is also the creator of the project “She loves 90s” – a tribute to the most iconic pop-rock female artists of mentioned decade.

The songwriter uses her art to address core values in her life, such as self-love, mental health, and environmental awareness, to name a few. This approach has earned her recognition, especially for songs like “Human,” where she shares her experiences with anxiety disorders and depression. The video clip for this song received the “Best Video” award at the Poquet Awards 2020. Closing off the year 2021, she was honored with Radio Mega 98.3 Santa Fe’s “Golden Mega” award for best artist, and was also voted as the favorite artist on the “Megatris Rock” radio show.

The discography of this “adopted santafesina” consists of 5 albums and several singles. Her latest conceptual album, “Invisible Girl” (2022), reflects her 90s pop-rock influences and features an evocative cinematic sound. In 2023, the artist released her own version of “Nací Para Esto” by Gustavo Cerati, paying tribute to one of her greatest idols, with the participation of Fernando Nalé, bassist of the original recording. In addition, she released the single “Luna de miel” in collaboration with two talented Mexican artists: Madame Récamier, who was also in charge of the musical production, and Marsh Massías. In 2024, Vanda Krai begins the year with “Other Side of Love” and “Será”, singles with which she dives in a new personal and professional stage of life.

Based in: Santa Fe, Argentina