Vocal Production

If you have an important show in sight or have planned vocal recording sessions in a studio, it is essential to be not only very well prepared vocally, but also accompanied by a vocal coach who can facilitate the process and guide you along the way. Maximise the qualities of your unique voice with 100% personalised resources and tools to make it sound its best for your upcoming material. In addition to helping you focus on the technical and audio aspects of recording, I will support you with your emotional performance and delivery as well! I also offer guidance when it comes to vocal technique, vocal hygiene, personalised warm-ups, harmonic arrangements, use of effects, lyrics, and more.


If you have a phrase or melody running through your head, but you need a nudge to turn it into a song, or you’re looking for a spark of inspiration, then you are in the right place. I will guide you through the entire creative process of songwriting from scratch and provide you with a variety of effective resources, whether you are just starting to write your own songs or already have experience. Together we will go through the techniques to compose more easily and professionally. We will work on aspects such as song forms, structures, hooks, melody, harmony, meter and phrasing, analysis of popular songs, and much more! Of course, we will use the tools and knowledge we learned to create our own original song as a group. Private one on one songwriting coaching available as an option.

Live Show Production

Turn your live show into an exciting and unique experience for your audience! I am going to give you all the fundamental tools to become your own live show producer, from the musical, personal, artistic, visual and emotional perspective. Elevating your live performance skills is key, because for musicians and artists, all roads lead eventually to the stage! In this process you will learn to prepare and manage your show and your audience in a personalised, fun and creative way and with immediate results! Suitable for bands, solo performers, singer-songwriters, duos, trios or other formats that want to put together a show (live or via streaming) that is impressive and well thought out, regardless of the musical genre. 

(Only available in Spanish)

Curso de Louderband

Este curso busca inspirarte a pensar y profundizar en el arte de escribir y componer canciones que enganchen a otras personas mediante herramientas, tips y ejemplos. Está diseñado como una guía para todo el proceso creativo de songwriting, desarrollando técnicas para componer con más facilidad y profesionalismo.

A los largo de los 12 módulos se abordan temas como las diferentes formas y partes de las canciones, recursos literarios, los ganchos, la métrica y la creación de las melodías, entre otros. Analizamos canciones conocidas para entender cómo funcionan, qué recursos se usaron y develar parcialmente de qué está hecho un éxito o “hit”. Podrás descargar material complementario en PDF y un cuaderno de trabajo que te va a servir muchísimo a la hora de escribir tus propias canciones.