On Demand Songwriting

In the need of new songs? Or do you have some pretty amazing song ideas already but feel stuck and want to finish them? Or maybe nostalgia struck and you want to resuscitate your sonic babies from the hard disc graveyard? Based on many years of experience, participation in songwriting camps and tons of research, I feel I can help you with writing a great song that would suit your needs. I can work on your whole project individually (harmony, melody and lyrics or their combinations), or it can be a collaborative experience.

I have worked with professional songwriters, producers, have written material from scratch for several artists, licensed my songs to a tap dance studio, and was even hired to write original music for a work-out app! Aside from collaborations and work-for-hire, I have written more than 300 songs (music and lyrics) for my own musical project throughout my career as an artist. One of my songs was included in a Slovak TV show and soon two of them will also appear on the big screen! Contact me to see how we can work on your song ideas together, I would love to hear from you!

Language Versions

If you are targeting another market or you just want your message to reach more people, it is very convenient and sometimes even necessary to record your song in two (or more) languages. When the language changes, it is vital to be able to grasp the essence of the song and to be able to retell your story while taking into account the new phonetics, phrasing and other important details. I have done various jobs both for my own material and for clients in the following languages: Spanish, English and Slovak