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  • On Sunday, April 24 at 9 pm I will have the great honor to present my new album “Invisible Girl” at Tribus Club de Arte (Santa Fe, Argentina) accompanied by renowned musicians and several guests from the local scene. On this purely pop night, I will be sharing the stage with the Buenos Aires band Enfermera, made up mainly of Tomi Quagliardi and Juan Martín Gallo. 

  • I cannot believe it's almost here! After 2 years, my brand new album "Invisible Girl" comes to life and will be available on all platforms on April 22nd. I came to realise that one of anything is very scarce way to describe myself and my personality. Over the years, I created an army of four women, girls, fairies, each one complementing me to form the perfect army of four.

  • Vanda and Enfermera join forces and present "Universo Desechable", a song that comes to us at a time when the planet Earth is begging for us humans to become aware of the need to change our unsustainable habits. This collaboration of both artists is an invitation to reflect upon our way of living and expresses hope for a better future.

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