Vocal Recording

Main and backing vocals

Are you looking for female vocals for your musical projects? As a session singer I can offer you recordings of main and/or backing vocals for your demos or final cuts. I have worked with several producers from different countries on songs in various genres. I can record in a home studio or a professional studio. I am a mezzo-soprano and my voice is characterized by being versatile. It has presence, brightness and a very wide range with a great handling of nuances. In addition to coaching my students, I’ve continued to study and improve my vocal technique throughout my 20 year career as a solo artist.

Promotional audio material

We live in a highly interconnected society, and even though the radio and TV still play a huge role in promoting and marketing, many social media networks are now the preferred channel for showcasing your offers. Make your products or services stand out with a personalized professional ad jingle! New formats like podcasts, reels and audio messages are here to stay, so your “sonic logo” is just as important as your visual appearance. If you are interested in completing your branding with an original jingle, song or spoken voice over, I would be pleased to help you with that!